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Arena da Amazônia, Arena de São Paulo, Estadio das Dunas, Estadio do Maracanã, Arena Fonte Nova, Estadio Mineirão, Estadio Nacional Mané Garrincha, Arena Pantanal, Arena da Baixada, Arena Pernambuco, Arena Castelão

Eleven regional soccer stadiums recently constructed to host the largest international soccer tournaments in Brazil will rely on Rain Bird irrigation systems to provide best-in-class system control and precise, uniform irrigation. Rain Bird Brazil’s team of experienced professionals provided designs and specifications, and managed the installation of these systems along with local distributors, contractors and consultants.

Pitch* conditions at the stadiums are of paramount importance to the grounds managers and players. Pitch that is uniform, consistent and healthy recovers faster after games, reduces player injury, and does not affect the outcome a game. Healthy pitch conditions are dependent on many factors, including soil, nutrients, oxygen, maintenance, sunlight and water. Uniform and precise irrigation is a key factor in creating consistent playing conditions.
The different climate regions of Brazil influenced the type of grass chosen for the stadiums in northern versus the southern part of the country. Additionally, the height of the stadium walls had a direct impact on the amount of sunlight each field receives throughout the year. Pitch consultants used shadow movement studies to determine how the shadow cast by stadium walls shifted. These factors, plus the fast-paced construction schedules helped Rain Bird Brazil determine the best irrigation system components for the stadiums.

An IQ™ v2.0 Central Control system with ESP-LXD Controllers, WR2 Wireless Rain Sensors and soil moisture sensors gave each stadium the flexibility needed during installation, on-going cultivation of the pitch, and continued management of irrigation schedules. The 8005 rotor was chosen for the long throw, robust stainless-steel riser and part-and full-circle adjustment all in one unit. Grounds managers can easily manage and fine-tune irrigation schedules based on soil moisture conditions and evapotranspiration rates. Irrigation schedules and system operations can be accessed remotely using IQ and the LIMR Remote.
“Rain Bird Brazil brought technical expertise to these projects and Rain Bird products became the reference for pitch consultants. We helped create the specifications and irrigation designs to meet the conditions at each stadium, and provided the installation experience needed to keep the projects on schedule,” said José Giacoia Neto, Rain Bird Brazil’s general manager.

*“Pitch” is a term used internationally when referring to the turf playing field in soccer and other sports.

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