Smart Watering Systems, Toronto, Canada

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Smart Watering Systems, Toronto, Canada

Focused on the greater Toronto area, Smart Watering Systems specializes in irrigation audits, water management and implementation of water-efficient technologies. With a passion for water conservation, the company strives to create custom solutions that allow its customers to minimize water waste while maximizing landscape health and beauty.

In addition to helping its clients conserve water, Smart Watering Systems sought to provide customized irrigation solutions that allow for easy expansion. Furthermore, in a challenging economy, the company needed to reduce its fuel and labor costs through systems that could be managed just as easily from a central computer as from the field.

The modular nature of ESP-LX Series Controllers allows Smart Watering Systems to create custom solutions with innovative features such as ET Management and flow sensing. With the option to add additional features and stations at a later date, those solutions can grow as the customer’s needs change. From the convenience of their IQ-powered central computer, water managers can change watering days and duration, they can add and remove start times and they can verify the program fits in a watering window. They can then download that watering schedule to the on-site controller, saving valuable time and fuel. IQ also allows technicians to use smart phone technology to manage sites remotely while in the field.

In the past four years, Smart Watering Systems clients have reduced their water use by more than 200 million liters with help from the ESP-LXME and IQ™ Central Control. One of those clients is Manulife Property Management, which has saved 20,000 cubic meters (5.28 million U.S. gallons) of water and nearly $40,000 since installing IQ Central Control in 2008. To maximize water efficiency, Manulife’s irrigation system incorporates ET Management, enabling real-time updates to the irrigation schedule based on current weather conditions. While the site’s water usage has dropped significantly, its turf grass, flowers and trees have flourished, proving that The Intelligent Use of Water™ is good for the environment, the landscape and the bottom line.

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