City of Kayseri, TURKEY Project “KAYSERAY”

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City of Kayseri, TURKEY Project “KAYSERAY”

Project Overview
It is a unique project executed in the city of Kayseri, TURKEY called “KAYSERAY”, a railway system with its 35km green line. With this project, the city of Kayseri has significantly expanded its turf area by over 250.000sqm in 2013.
This project has been awarded with the prize of “Best railway system compatible to the environment” from UITP.

The infrastructure of this railway system was designed and constructed to be based on a soil with a very little depth of turf area; hence the municipality was looking for a suitable irrigation system to overcome this challenge as well as water saving purposes, wind resistance and flexibility in the chosen irrigation central control system.

The Rain Bird’s XFS Sub-surface Dripline with Copper Shield Technology™ together with the IQ2 central control system were successfully addressed to overcome these challenges.
With the XFS Sub-surface Dripline, pedestrian ways, cars and trams were protected from being irrigated. Wind and evaporation loss were also eliminated by the irrigation through XFS Sub-surface Dripline. Usage of the Easy-Fit Compression fittings facilitated the ease of installation, throughout the entire project.

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